How I lost 40 lbs when nothing else worked

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A common-sense guide to making a big change

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An Overview of the Keto Diet, Its History And Uses

keto meal
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The ketogenic diet is a high-fat, low-carbohydrate diet that can be very beneficial in reducing seizures and also helps with weight loss.

From anxious and depressed to living my best life

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And they didn’t include exercise

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4 Tips for Success as a New Writer

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How 2 Side Hustles Made Me $1694 in One Month

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How I failed and failed . . . and then succeeded

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17% of US Dollars in Circulation Were Printed in the Last 14 Months

Gold Bars
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The Problem

How I Ate My Way to Weight Loss

Healthy Salad
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Jeremy Ciolli

Serial Creator. Entrepreneur. Dad. I write about my successes and failures in health, finance, and being human.

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